Paul McCartney Endlessly Praises BTS And Compares Them To His Legendary Band, The Beatles

What an absolute honor!

On November 23rd, legendary singer and former The Beatles member Paul McCartney made a guest appearance on podcast Smartless, where he talked about a multitude of topics. However, it was his mention of BTS that caught the attention of those tuning in.

Still from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | CBS

The host of the podcast asked Paul McCartney if there were any boy bands or groups that he enjoyed listening to and without hesitation, he responded with BTS. He continued on with how believes that the members of BTS are going through similar things that The Beatles went through in their journey.

It seems like they’re going through the same things we (The Beatles) had to go through. BTS, my Korean friends! I love watching you guys.

— Paul McCartney


The legendary The Beatles member continued on with absolutely nothing but praises for BTS.

Everyone knows it too but I think they’re absolutely amazing. While I may not be able to sing along to their songs, I like them.

— Paul McCartney


This is not the first time that Paul McCartney has brought up BTS during a broadcast. In 2019, Paul McCartney made an appearance on the popular American late night talk show, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. It was during his time on the show that Paul McCartney acknowledged that BTS is the most popular band in the world.

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The love is mutual as it was just last year that BTS paid homage to The Beatles on the same late night talk show. They paid homage to one of the most iconic moments in boy band history. Dressed in sharp, black suits and with the famous drum set in the background, the boys of BTS re-created the legendary moment of when The Beatles made their official U.S. debut.

Still from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert | CBS

We can’t imagine what the boys are thinking right now after being compared to such a world renowned group! Make sure to check out the rest of the podcast, Smartless with Paul McCartney, which can be found on Apple podcast, to hear the entire interview.

Source: Nate, StyleCaster and The Times