“Immortal Song” Director Shares Her Impression Of BTS After Working With Them Recently

She only had praises for them!

A producer for KBS‘s Immortal Song shared her experience working with the boys of BTS during a special interview for Newsen. She had met them during the VCR clip filming for the show and she had nothing but praises for the boys.

All the staff were really surprised as they came to the set earlier than the allotted filming time. They arrived first then received the finishing touches for their makeup. During the interview, you could tell all the members were close and they were a group that gave off both cool yet warm and cozy vibes.

— Jung Mi Young PD


She was so impressed with the boys that she even shared that she would love to work with them once again, this time, for a different type of program.

It was great to work with them in creating a performance, but as part of my dreams as a PD, I hope to be able to work with them on a variety show that focuses on them doing charity or good deeds. I want to be able to convey a good message to not only domestic viewers but international fans.

— Jung Mi Young PD

This is not the first time that staff or workers around BTS have praised them for their great attitude and manners. Previously, an airport staff was so amazed by them that she became a fan! Catch a preview of them on Immortal Song below.

Source: Instiz