ARMYs Are Loving Pdogg’s Savage Response To Benny Blanco’s Post With BTS’s Jimin

BTS producer vs. BTS producer!😂

BIGHIT MUSIC producer Pdogg has something to say to American producer Benny Blanco following the release of Blanco’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg and the vocal line of BTS (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook), “Bad Decisions.”

Benny Blanco has been actively promoting “Bad Decisions” in many creative ways. From announcing a scavenger hunt for a USB with the song…


i hid my new song somewhere in LA…ready, set, go 💜

♬ Bad Decisions – benny blanco & BTS & Snoop Dogg

…to getting a face tattoo.

Yet, most of all, Benny Blanco has been feeding us many interactions with Jimin! He definitely is biased.

This was clearly seen in the music video for “Bad Decisions,” too. Of all the members, Benny Blanco chose to wear an outfit previously worn by Jimin.

While Benny Blanco may have tried to emulate Jimin, he admitted that there is “only 1 Jimin.”

His tweet motivated Jimin to finally return to Twitter after so long! He replied, “Jimin?” with a laughing emoji.

And recently, the two met again in person while Jimin is in the United States. So, they shared a video and pics…

Benny Blanco’s caption for their photo together referenced Jimin’s previous tweet, implying there are two “Jimin’s.”

Yet, producer PDogg was having none of it. So, he replied simply, “Nope.” 

ARMYs are loving Pdogg’s comment too! He’s definitely relatable AF.

Pdogg is just having fun, though! He left a positive comment on Benny Blanco’s video featuring Jimin.

In Pdogg, we trust.

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