“Plagued By Depression After Accusation” — BLACK6IX’s Kim Hyunjae Sues OP After Being Falsely Accused Of School Bullying

He was forced to drop out of “Peak Time.”

BLACK6IX‘s Kim Hyunjae was recently forced to drop out of the revival reality program, Peak Time, after being accused of school bullying. He took out a lawsuit after falling into depression after the accusations and is suing for ₩500 million KRW (about $377,000 USD) in damages.

According to his legal representative, he was accused of bullying while appearing on Peak Time. The false allegations had caused him to drop out.

A fellow alumni from Kim Hyunjae’s elementary and middle school and that alumni’s mother repeatedly posted false allegations of school violence. Due to the criticisms against Kim Hyunjae as a perpetrator, he dropped out of Peak Time and as such, is suing for compensation. We have already handed in testimonies from the school’s students and teachers, as well as testimonies from the policemen working at the station, and truth verifications from the Sinan Office of Education, as part of evidence for the compensation lawsuit.

— Kim Hyunjae’s legal representative

It was also reported that Kim Hyunjae is now suffering from extreme depression and social phobia after having been forced to fold his dreams of being a singer after 10 years of hard work.

Previously, Kim Hyunjae was accused of school violence. The accuser had claimed that Kim Hyunjae had bullied him, telling him that he smelled, as well as clamped the OP’s fingers between the door and the door frame. As Kim Hyunjae dropped out of Peak Time, he stated that “while accusations of school violence are not true, I cannot bring harm to the show, and so I am dropping out.

Source: Sports World