Here’s A Peek Inside The Life Of “Farmer V” For The Upcoming “BTS World” Game

He would have made the finest farmer boy.

BTS World”, a game long anticipated by ARMYs worldwide, is almost ready with a global release date of June 26, 2019. And as a part of its promotions, Netmarble game company shared a series of pictures and videos of BTS’s V in an alternate life – of a baby farmer – and it’s everything the fans have ever wanted.


On the game website, under the tab “ANOTHER STORY” for V, Netmarble introduced “Level 1 Farmer Kim Taehyung”. This newbie farmer boy V in the game “has been summoned back to the countryside” and is busy with “his chores on the farm”.


ARMYs, especially the ones who are aware of V’s background and how he actually does come from a family of farmers, are in love with this “countryside V” from the alternate universe.

The Story of A Poor Farmer Boy Who Became One Of Korea’s Most Loved Idols


Dressed in a flannel shirt and a straw hat, V definitely looks like an aspiring farmer-to-be, learning his way with mother Earth. Fans are how hardcore UWU-ing at this peek inside the life of farmer V!


For the game’s promotional video, V is spotted struggling with a wagon. He tries to push through the patch of soil, but he fails and stumbles over. While ARMYs are so used to seeing V as the global superstar he is, they can’t help but fall in love with this clumsy, clueless Level 1 Farmer Kim Taehyung.


Watch the cutest farmer V clip here: