Pengsoo Answers Questions About BTS And Which Member Is His Favorite

He’s a true ARMY.

YouTube star and popular character, Pengsoo, was interviewed about his fanship for BTS.


When asked what he wanted the most for his birthday, Pengsoo revealed, “I want to meet BTS. I’m BTS’s fan.


The interview then asked which member was his favorite, and he immediately responded that the question was disrespectful to ARMYs.

I love BTS as a whole. That’s being rude to ARMYs.

— Pengsoo


When asked who was more popular, Pengsoo or BTS, he clarified that it doesn’t matter because both of them have such different characteristics.

He said, “They’re two different things. Instead of who is more popular, we have different characteristics.


When asked what he’s better at than BTS, Pengsoo shut down the question in the best way possible again. He simply said BTS is good at being BTS, while he is good at being himself!

Just me. You can’t choose. BTS is BTS, and Pengsoo is Pengsoo.

— Pengsoo


And with such true devotion and love for BTS, Pengsoo was able to fulfill his dream and meet BTS up close and personal! He even got to perform with them and get the cutest interaction with all of the members!


Long live this adorable friendship between Pengsoo and BTS!