BTS’s V Embracing YouTube Star Pengsoo Is The Softest Thing You’ll See This Week

Cute + Cute = Our Hearts Cannot Handle This Much UWU At Once.

At the 34th Golden Disc Awards, fans’ hearts exploded with so much UWU when BTS‘s V got to say hello to the Korean YouTube sensation Pengsoo of EBS.


Pengsoo, a penguin character that came to sweep Korean YouTube fans off their feet, attended the ceremony as one of the honorable award presenters.


During the ceremony, Pengsoo got to meet BTS up close and personal — which the exhilarated penguin called “a dream come true” all the way from Antarctica.


Pengsoo also showed off his “IDOL” and “Boy With Luv” dance moves, to which BTS members couldn’t hold back their laughter!


Among the members though, V seemed to be the most excited for his rendezvous with the giant penguin.


Before they parted ways, V went in for that hug…


… and born was the softest picture to have blessed the internet!


ARMYs can’t get over how purely happy V looks in the arms of Pengsoo.


And from this, fans have learned one thing for sure: Cute + Cute = We dare you to try surviving it without smiling, but oop- you already lost.

Watch the full interaction here:

Source: THEQOO