“Ayo:” Hitman Bang Is Unexpectedly “Name Dropped” In A Song

“My og bias paved the way.”

Netizens were shocked when they saw that Hitman Bang (also known as Bang Si Hyuk) was recently referenced in a song.

Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk is well-known by K-Pop fans as the founder of Bighit Music and HYBE. He has also composed, arranged, and produced several K-Pop hit songs.

But despite how well-known Bang Si Hyuk is, fans still weren’t expecting him to be referenced in Penomeco’s recent song, “RINDAMAN,” featuring Zico.

Penomeco is a South Korean rapper and aside from his solo work he is also a member of Fanxy Child, a hip-hop crew that includes Crush, Dean, Millic, Staytuned, and Zico. So fas couldn’t have been more excited that he and Zico would be collaborating for the upcoming track “RINDAMAN.”

Netizens loved the addictive track.

And couldn’t help but voice their amusement as Penomeco referenced Hitman Bang.

Penomeco | PENOMECO/YouTube 

And Zico referenced fellow HYBE group NewJeans.

Zico | PENOMECO/YouTube 

Netizens couldn’t help but joke about the unexpected Hitman Bang lyric, with many referencing Bang Si Hyuk’s infamous BigHit Music second audition meme as the inspiration behind the “name drop.”

You can listen to “RINDAMAN” here.

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