PENTAGON Reveals Details About First Comeback Without E’Dawn And Yanan

The show must go on.

PENTAGON has confirmed they will be coming back in mid-September as 8 members, as YanAn and E’Dawn‘s activities remain halted temporarily.


PENTAGON released new details about their upcoming album, which will be titled “Thumbs Up!”. It is set to release on September 10 at 6pm KST.


Following the popularity of hit song “Shine”, the group has high hopes for their next release.


However, the group will be missing two of its members as Cube Entertainment halted E’Dawn’s promotions in late August, following his dating news with Hyuna.


They did not clarify whether the decision was made due to the severe backlash from the fandom after it was confirmed he has been dating Hyuna for over 2 years.


Some netizens speculate it is disciplinary action for releasing a statement confirming their relationship, even after Cube Entertainment initially denied it.

  • “It’s not just because they’re dating, the company denied it and the next day without permission they confirmed they are dating.”
  • “They told them not to be so obvious but they were. Then they went off and confirmed, so Cube is just giving them a taste of their own medicine. They’re not messing with Hyuna but if she does acts short-sightedly again they’re basically telling her the people around her will suffer instead.”
  • “Seems like they’re trying to make him regret dating Hyuna. The company’s sending Hyuna a warning.”


Since then, he has not participated in Triple H and PENTAGON music show appearances, fansigns, fanclub events, and Japanese activities as well.


YanAn has taken a break due to health issue and will be focusing on intensive treatment and resting. YanAn has struggled with his health since debut, and will be taking this opportunity to recover fully.


This will be the first time PENTAGON will promote with only eight members, however, it seems the show must go on.

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