PENTAGON Fans Abandon Fan Club Launch Because Of Dating Scandals

“This sucks, not for the members, but for the fans.”

With three consecutive dating scandals of PENTAGON members E’Dawn, Hui, and Yuto, some of the fans are no longer interested in attending the boy group’s official fan club launch event.


Since E’Dawn and HyunA admitted to having been in a relationship for the past two years, PENTAGON had two other members, Hui and Yuto, each become involved in dating scandals with (G)I-DLE’s Soojin and CLC‘s Yeeun respectively.

Hyuna and E’Dawn Confess They’ve Been Dating For Years


PENTAGON’s agency, Cube Entertainment, has released an official statement in an effort to extinguish the rumors. Unfortunately, the fans have already been severely disappointed by the scandals.

Cube Entertainment Releases Official Statement Regarding PENTAGON Members’ Dating Rumors


Following the scandalous day, many of PENTAGON’s official fan club launch event seats went back on the market — from fans who were turned off by the news that the members have been active in the dating game. The seats, with over 2,000 available at the venue, remain unfilled.


Many netizens are rather understanding of the fans’ decisions to abandon the event. While some are defending the boy group, claiming the seats in the back haven’t been sold in the first place, but that defence itself is receiving criticism as well — suggesting then the members should have been all the more careful since the fandom isn’t too strong.

  • “Eh… It’s too bad, but I wouldn’t go either. I completely understand the fans who cancelled their tickets.”

  • “This sucks, not for the members, but for the fans.”

  • “WHO WOULD GO TO SUCH A THING? LOL. It is infuriating. I feel so sorry for myself because I was so desperate to land a ticket to this launch.”

  • “You know, dating is not bad and everyone is free to date… but when you’re a rookie idol and a member of a group, you should be careful about the choices you make.”

  • “I feel terrible for the other members… This sucks because they’re so rookie too. But… if I imagine this happened to me with my favorite group, I’d be furious. I completely understand.”

  • “If this happened to me, I would seriously consider asking for a refund on the cancellation fee.”

  • “The group didn’t even have a fandom yet… But now, with all these dating scandals, the group can say goodbye to any hope of growing big.”

  • “Do you know how many honest and awesome boy groups are out there right now? Who in their right minds would continue to stan a group that has been fooling their fans for years?”
Source: Instiz