PENTAGON Fans Use An Unexpected Way To Demand Better Treatment From Cube Entertainment

“Stop keeping PENTAGON locked away infinitely.”

In an unexpected display of desperation, fans of PENTAGON have found an innovative way to make their voices heard by their idols’ managing company, Cube Entertainment. This time, it wasn’t the common sight of protest trucks with LED screens. Instead, fans chose a quieter but poignant method — seven flower wreaths.

| TheQoo

In the world of K-Pop, flower wreaths are usually dispatched to celebrate events like debuts, concerts, anniversaries, or other significant occasions. However, this delivery to Cube Entertainment was far from celebratory. The fans sent the wreaths to express their dissatisfaction with the company’s management of the group, highlighting the long hiatus of PENTAGON’s Korean activities, which has now surpassed the 500-day mark.

PENTAGON’s latest activity as a group was a Fan Concert in Japan on May 25. | @CUBE_PTG_JAPAN/Twitter

On each of the seven flower wreaths, fans attached messages articulating their disappointment and demands. The pleas ranged from desperate cries such as “Take responsibility of Pentagon, who has been with Cube for a long time…” and “Cube, who steps on their artists’ hard work, get a grip” to the more direct “Promise us domestic promotions. Stop neglecting domestic fans.

One wreath bore a particularly painful message that captures the gravity of the situation: “Hiatus in Korean activities is up to 500 days already. Stop keeping PENTAGON locked away infinitely.” This message seemed to perfectly echo the sentiment of the fandom, expressing their frustration over the group’s inactivity on the domestic front.

Another jab at the company read, “Hey Cube, if you stop now, there won’t be any spotlight,” indicating fans’ belief that the lack of support for PENTAGON is detrimental not just for the group but also for Cube Entertainment itself. The last wreath contained a sharp critique of the management: “The artist brings in the new fans, but Cube Entertainment kicks them out.

This protest has been borne out of fans’ growing discontent with PENTAGON’s lack of domestic promotions, which they believe is due to Cube Entertainment’s neglect. Although Pentagon has been with Cube Entertainment for quite a while, their fans feel that the group is not receiving the attention or resources they deserve.

Thanks to the unique protesting method, the fans’ effort at shedding light on PENTAGON’s lack of promotions has been relatively successful. A post on the popular site TheQoo has received more than 86,000 views and 330 comments.

| @CUBE_PTG_JAPAN /Twitter

PENTAGON fans, also known as Universe, hope that this display will lead to a positive change in the way their favorite group is managed. For now, Cube Entertainment has yet to respond to the protest. The fans, as well as the rest of the industry, are waiting to see what the company’s next move will be.

Source: TheQoo