PENTAGON’s “Feelin’ Like” Music Video Becomes Their Fastest To Hit 10 Million Views

Congratulations to PENTAGON on setting a new record!

CUBE Entertainment‘s nine-member boy group PENTAGON came back on January 24th, 2022, with the group’s 12th mini album IN:VITE U, featuring the title track “Feelin’ Like.”

Pentagon at EBS FM for Pentagon’s Night Radio broadcast | @CUBE_PTG/Twitter

So far, public response to the song has already been great. Shortly after the release of the album, the title track, as well as other tracks off the record, had reached the top of several Korean music charts!


But that’s not the end of good news for Pentagon this comeback. “Feelin’ Like” has now become their fastest music video to hit 10 million views on YouTube, having done so in just 33 hours!

Conversely, “Shine,” their most popular song to date, took over a month to rack up the same number of views.

This is the group’s first full comeback since last March, and the first to ever exclude leader Hui following his enlistment in the military. It is also the first title track since 2020’s “Dr. Bebe” to feature oldest member Jinho, who just concluded his military service in November.

Fans will continue to enjoy this comeback’s success and look forward to even more as they await Hui’s return from the military this November.

Source: @ptg_stats