PENTAGON’s Hui Joined Mnet’s “Boys Planet” Despite His Company’s Disapproval Because Of Heartbreaking Reasons

It wasn’t an easy decision to make.

PENTAGON‘s Hui made headlines at the beginning of the year when it was announced that he would be joining Mnet‘s survival show Boys Planet. It came as a shock to netizens who viewed him as an already-accomplished senior idol, having produced songs for both his group and others as well.


He revealed in a recent interview with Korea Jooangdaily that many people disapproved of his decision to appear on the show. Several of his members as well as staff in his company, CUBE Entertainment, reacted in a negative way. They found it “sad” that he would have to start from scratch in a survival program.

I’m so thankful for my fans who stuck with me and supported my journey on the show. I talked to the members about competing [on ‘Boys Planet’] beforehand, and not everyone approved, of course. Some supported my decision, but some members were sad about it.

— Hui

There was a heartbreaking reason why he chose to be in this position. He humbled himself and joined Boys Planet in order to direct attention towards his group who had become stagnant in popularity.

The first reason was for Pentagon. I thought we needed something different, considering how our albums have performed in past years. My goal was to get more people to know about me through this show, and consequently make Pentagon more known as well.

— Hui

As the leader of PENTAGON, he felt that it was his responsibility to do whatever he could to help. His choices were limited and the Mnet program was one concrete way he could do so.

I felt like there’s not much I could do.

— Hui

Another reason why he joined Boys Planet was in order to challenge himself as an artist. This was the main concern of CUBE Entertainment who worried that his reputation would be tarnished. Hui stood his ground in order to be on the path of continuous improvement.

But it was also a challenge Hui, as an individual, needed in order to grow. The company was very opposed. They worried that my previous career as a singer producer might be affected. At the time, I knew nothing I said would sound realistic, no matter how ambitious it was. So I kept it simple and just said, ‘I want to do this. I think we need a challenge.’ I knew it could seem like a sad and disappointing choice to my fans too, but that was more reason to tell myself that I have to create something positive out of this [audition]. I had to believe in myself, that I simply must do great.

— Hui

At the end of the day, joining Boys Planet was not an easy decision for him. However, because of his desire to grow his group and himself, he persevered.

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The Heartbreaking Reason PENTAGON’s Hui Chose To Join Mnet’s “Boys Planet”

Source: Korea Joongangdaily


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