The Heartbreaking Reason PENTAGON’s Hui Chose To Join Mnet’s “Boys Planet”

It showcases the harsh reality of how fast-paced K-Pop is!

PENTAGON‘s Hui is known as one of the most talented idols in K-Pop. Along with his amazing voice and performing skills, he’s one of the most proficient songwriters and producers, creating songs for the group and other artists.

Yet, the idol recently revealed the heartbreaking reason he joined Boys Planet.

PENTAGON’s Hui | Cube Entertainment

Since PENTAGON debuted in 2016, they have constantly impressed fans with their diverse concepts and songs. They have traveled the world and continued to see their global fanbase grow, whether in Asia, Europe, or America.



Even alone, Hui has been hugely successful, writing songs for groups like Wanna One and appearing on other Mnet shows such as Breakers.

Hui wrote “Energetic” for Wanna One | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

Hui on Mnet’s “Breakers” | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube   

It meant that netizens were shocked when Mnet announced that Hui would be a participant in their new show. Boys Planet, where trainees competed for a chance to debut in a new group.

Hui’s shots for “Boys Planet” | Mnet

Yet, although it wasn’t a new concept for already-debuted idols to appear on the show, everyone was curious about why Hui joined. In particular, many netizens explained that although PENTAGON might not be one of the most recognized groups, they have continued success worldwide, and their schedules are always full.

During the recent episode, it was Hui’s turn to showcase his talent. Even the mentors knew that it couldn’t have been easy for Hui to apply for the show considering his already long list of credentials as both an idol and producer.

Hui seemed willing to answer the mentor’s questions about why he joined, starting with, “There were hundreds of reasons but…” before explaining that he needed a change, especially after being discharged from the military.

After almost two years away, Hui admitted that when he returned and rejoined PENTAGON, many things had changed since he left, and it seemed like he was talking about how different the K-Pop industry had become.

Getting emotional, Hui admitted that when he returned, it became harder for the group to choose who they worked with.

Although PENTAGON is a self-sufficient team with basically all the members having input in the production of the group’s music, Hui explained, “It was the first time we got rejected so much.”

PENTAGON has always wowed netizens with their music and performances, so it was shocking for some fans to hear that the group wasn’t being noticed. The change for Hui made him sad, seeing that the group seemingly wasn’t popular enough anymore.

Hui went further, adding, “The thought of us not appealing enough to work with made me very sad.”

Even though it wasn’t Hui’s fault, it wasn’t surprising that Hui felt the burden as the leader. Hui revealed that he felt useless as he couldn’t find a way to help the members nor improve the situation the group was in.

Finally, Hui revealed that it was for those reasons that he had joined the show, and even the mentors and other contestants couldn’t hide their sadness for the idol.

The reasons seem impossible to believe because anyone would find it shocking that people aren’t lining up to work with a group like PENTAGON. Yet, it shows how fast-paced and moving the K-Pop industry is as, since PENTAGON debuted, hundreds of new groups have debuted, and it seems even harder for older groups to maintain momentum.

You can read more about Hui’s appearance on the show below.

PENTAGON’s Hui Bursts Into Tears On Mnet’s “Boys Planet”

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