PENTAGON’s Hui Bursts Into Tears On Mnet’s “Boys Planet”

“Shine” was covered by contestants.

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PENTAGON‘s Hui burst into tears on the recent episode of Mnet‘s idol audition program Boys Planet. 

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Boys Planet is the male version of Mnet’s Girls Planet 999, which ultimately created the girl group Kep1er last year. The lineup of contestants surprised viewers as several are already-debuted K-Pop idols, including former TO1 members Woonggi and Jerome, UP10TION‘s Xiao and Hwanhee, and PENTAGON‘s Hui.

Hui was the most surprising of all, though. He was discharged from the military last year and is 29 years old. The multi-talented K-Pop idol made his debut as the leader of PENTAGON in 2016 and later joined the project trot boy group Super Five. He was also a part of the popular co-ed group Triple H with HyunA and DAWN.

He’s a skilled music artist. Hui has produced many hit songs for not only PENTAGON but other K-Pop groups, including Wanna One‘s “Energetic” as well as (ironically), Produce 101‘s “Never” and Produce X 101‘s “Boyness.”

Even his fellow Boys Planet contestants were shook to see Hui competing.


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Now, in Episode 1 of Boys Planet, G Group ‘Tokyo Japan’ covered PENTAGON’s “Shine,” which Hui also produced. A smile appeared on his face when he recognized his own song.

Everyone was excited to hear the popular song and dance along. Yet, as the performance continued, Hui teared up.

The cover of “Shine” brought him to tears. The fellow contestants also noticed and struggled not to cry too.

When the performance was finished, the panelists invited Hui to give feedback as the original artist. He was still emotional after watching.

Hui told the performers that he enjoyed their cover. He also felt grateful towards them.

I really enjoyed the performance. As the original performer, I’m so grateful.

— Hui

In an interview, Hui reminisced about the “Shine” era. He explained that it was his fondest memory with PENTAGON.

Performing ‘Shine’ was probably the best part of being a PENTAGON member. Even those who were not our fans sang along with us. Those were some dreamy moments, and I miss that time.

— Hui

The memories came flooding back for Hui. He also really misses his members, so naturally, he teared up. We can only imagine the intense wave of emotions that hit hearing his group’s song while he was already lonely without them.

When I saw that trainees appear one by one and stand in a row, hand in hand, I thought, ‘Oh, I used to be like that too.’ I feel very lonely. It’s been a while since I performed all by myself. I’m definitely scared, but I’m going to show everything I’ve got.

— Hui

Watch the clip below.

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