PENTAGON’s Hui Updates Fans On His Future Plans Post-“Boys Planet”

You’ve worked hard, Hui!

PENTAGON‘s Hui made waves when he first announced that he would be joining Boys Planet. As a successful producer and idol, many were shocked that he wanted to challenge himself by appearing on the audition show.

Although he did not make it to the debut team, his time on the show brought his fans much happiness and new memories. He ended the show ranked 13 place.

After the show concluded, Hui updated fans on his future plans and current status through a handwritten letter on Instagram.

Hello. This is Hui (Lee Hoetaek).

Thank you guys so so much for your plentiful support and love all this while. Each of your loving words became courage and strength to me, and was wholly the reason why I could continue to move a step forward even in the hardest moments.

[Boys Planet] was a challenge that I took up with many worries, and I think that I was fervently focused on it each day, with the desperation that this choice would be a good one the moment the challenge ended.

As I walked that path, it was thanks to everyone who walked along side me at the same pace, as a partner and as someone whom I could sturdily rely on, that I was able to end this challenge as the happiest person on earth. Once more, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who made this possible.

Soon, I will show everyone even cooler and newer sides to myself, not as the trainee Lee Hoetaek, but as the artist and PENTAGON member, Hui.

You guys know that there’s still many cool sides to myself that I’ve not shown you yet, right? Hehe. “It’s not over til it’s over.”

Until my life as a singer is over, I want to share the love and happiness that I’ve received with everyone, so we can laugh together. I also want to give you guys the biggest love as a gift. Please await my gift! I love you guys so so much. Thank you.

— Hui

All the best to Hui in his future plans with his group!