PENTAGON’s Kino Opens Personal Instagram Account

He’s now on Instagram!

PENTAGON‘s Kino is now on Instagram!

Kino | @831×10/Instagram

On February 22, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kino has set up his very own Instagram account, which now has 40.6k followers!

His Instagram username is @831×10; the numbers “831” is a cyber term used to mean “I love you”: 8 letters, 3 words, and 1 meaning. The “x10”, according to fans, can represent 2 things, that Kino loves his fans “times 10”, or that he’s referencing PENTAGON’s original lineup of 10 members.

For his first post, Kino posted behind-the-scenes photos of himself from the group’s latest comeback, “Feelin’ Like”, and looked incredibly handsome in a dapper suit!

Fans are welcoming him on the social media platform, and are looking forward to more posts!

Kino and the rest of PENTAGON recently made their comeback with “Feelin’ Like”. You can watch the MV for it here!