PENTAGON Members React To Getting The Top Spot On A Korean Music Chart For The First Time Ever

They were so shocked!

For the first time ever, PENTAGON rose to the top spot on a music chart with their new song “DO or NOT”!

| CUBE Entertainment

“DO or NOT,” off their latest mini-album LOVE or TAKE, was released on March 15. That same day, it rose to the first spot on Genie‘s real-time TOP200 music chart, marking it as the group’s first song to ever be #1!

Fans and the group members alike were overjoyed to see how well the song was doing. The members took to various social media platforms to express their happiness and gratitude towards their fans, UNIVERSE!

Yeo One shared a screenshot of the chart on Twitter, saying “UNIVERSE… this isn’t a dream right? Thank you and love you so so muchㅠㅠ Such a happy thing happened on the first day of comeback I’ll give back to UNIVERSE throughout this promotion love you and love you UNIVERSE 💙 A real gu-night tonight :).”

Also on Twitter, Kino posted a video thanking fans for their efforts and telling them how happy he was.

The caption reads, “First #1 on a digital chart… Thank you for making this a dreamy night. I won’t forget that this was possible because UNIVERSE is here. I’ll enjoy this moment yet not become content and move forward with modesty. Love you and cherish you. Sweet dreams my loves 💜 I’ll never forget that I’m always with UNIVERSE 🤍.”

Hongseok took to the group’s official platform U-CUBE to share his disbelief.

He even changed his profile picture to a screenshot of the chart!

Wooseok, Shinwon and Yanan were doing a live broadcast when they found out about the news, giving UNIVERSE the chance to see their reactions in real time.

Shinwon was in disbelief!

When the chart froze at 1AM, meaning that they would spend the whole night at first place, the three members cheered loudly.

They also called out to Hui and Jinho, their two eldest members who are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service: “Hui-hyung, Jinho-hyung, you’re watching, right?”


Finally earning a well-deserved first place on a music chart with “DO or NOT” must be a sign that there are many great things yet to come for PENTAGON during this promotional period!

Source: Korea Herald