Pentagon Release English And Chinese Versions Of Their Song As A Gift For Their Fans

Multilingual kings!

Earlier today, PENTAGON released new versions of their latest track “DO or NOT”!

| @CUBE_PTG/Twitter

“DO or NOT” is the title track from their latest mini-album, Love Or Take, released last month. Today, in an effort to show their appreciation for their fans around the world, the group released two new versions of the song: one in English, and another in Chinese!

The members of the 9-piece group played a big part in the creation of “DO or NOT.” The Korean version was co-written by members Hui and Wooseok, while Yan An took over as vocal director for the Chinese version.

These two new versions were released as a gift for their international fans, so naturally, fans are absolutely loving it. It is not uncommon for PENTAGON to give back to the fans in the form of songs: for their last title track, “Daisy,” they released Japanese and Chinese versions as well.

English-speaking fans are praising the English version for how natural it sounds: the lyrics and new language work well with the song!

Fans were also touched when they realised that Hui, who recently started his mandatory military service, recorded his vocal parts for these two versions before enlisting.

The new versions of “DO or NOT” can be found on most streaming platforms!


Source: Korea Herald