PENTAGON’s Yeo One To Suspend Activities Due To Back Injury After His Car Was Hit By A Drunk Driver

His car was hit by a drunk driver.

PENTAGON‘s Yeo One will suspend his activities for focus on recovery after being hit by a drunk driver.

Cube Entertainment made the announcement in their press release, stating that Yeo One was heading home when his car was hit by a drunk driver.

This is Cube Entertainment.

We would like to inform you that PENTAGON member Yeo One will be temporarily suspending his activities due to a back injury.

On the early morning of February 9, he was involved in a car accident while driving home from his personal schedule, and was hit by a car being driven by someone under the influence of alcohol.

He should have gone home to rest after visiting the emergency room and undergoing a medical examination after the accident, but after discussing the results of his medical exam, which showed minor injuries, as well as Yeo One’s own wishes, he appeared on the live broadcast of Idol School on the afternoon of February 9.

Since then, he has complained of back pain after returning to the dorm and is currently recovering after visiting the hospital for the necessary treatment.

As a result, we have decided to suspend his future activities and focus on the recovery of his health and condition, as that is the priority.

Also, until Yeo One fully recovers from his injury, PENTAGON will continue their activities as seven members for the time being.

Thank you.

— Cube Entertainment

Source: Newsen