“Penthouse” Actor Kim Young Dae Confirmed To Drop Out Of “School 2021”, Finds New K-Drama Instead

His role changed, and he didn’t agree with it.

Actor Kim Young Dae confirmed he will drop out of the cast of School 2021 due to a change in the casting conditions, but he has found a new K-Drama instead.

Kim Young Dae | MHN 

According to an exclusive report from JTBC, Kim Young Dae will be dropping out of the cast of School 2021 because his role that was initially agreed upon changed.

He shared his intention to drop out from the K-Drama because his role is different than what was discussed at the beginning when he accepted.

— Insider

With the changes to the characters, Kim Young Dae would not be recognized as a lead role, but another actor would be instead. The candidates for the new lead actor have been narrowed down and will be decided soon. He initially accepted the role back in May, with confirmation of the lead cast being announced in June.

His agency Outer Korea has since confirmed he will be dropping out of School 2021.

Kim Young Dae has instead reportedly found a new K-Drama to be the lead of. According to Sports Chosun, Kim Young Dae will instead play the lead role in tvN‘s upcoming K-Drama Shooting StarShooting Star takes place in the entertainment industry and is about people who clean up the “baggage” of celebrities. It will show people who gather together to make the celebrities shine.

Kim Young Dae | YTN

Kim Young Dae would play the role of Gong Tae Sung, the face of Star Force Entertainment. He is a young star of this era who will remain a legend in the history of K-Dramas. With his shining appearance and sacred aura that makes people want to make a wish when they see him, he has never been a part of any rumors for over ten years. But despite his polite exterior, he has a hidden side to him that is full of twists and turns.

Source: JTBC, Sports Chosun and topstarnews