“Penthouse” Star Han Ji Hyun Has This Crazy Thing In Common With Her Character

Hint: it has something to do with her twin?!

Penthouse has been raking in the viewer ratings and making headlines for its crazy plot line ever since its premiere. Actress Han Ji Hyun who plays Joo Seok Kyung has recently been in the headlines because she shares this crazy thing with her character!

Han Ji Hyun with her drama twin brother Kim Young Dae | @hanjiji54/Instagram

In the drama, Han Ji Hyun plays the role of a fraternal twin with her drama brother, Joo Seok Hoon (played by actor Kim Young Dae). Well, it has recently been revealed that the actress has a twin in real life as well!

Han Ji Hyun with her real twin brother Han Seung Soo | Insight

Han Ji Hyun has a fraternal twin brother, Han Seung Soo who was born two minutes after her, making her the older sister. Han Seung Soo works as a model and previously competed on Korea’s Next Top Model, where his sister made a brief appearance as well.

Still from “Korea’s Next Top Model” | OnStyle

Han Seung Soo really made an impression on Korea’s Next Top Model Season 5 viewers as he made it all the way into the top three. While he did get eliminated, Han Seung Soo went on to model for big brands, runways and magazine shoots after the show, proving his success. Han Ji Hyun must be so proud of her younger brother!

Boasting good looks and amazing talents in their respective fields, we can confidently say that all of it must run in the family. Just look at the Han siblings!

| Naver

Meanwhile, you can catch new episodes of the crazy popular and intense Korean drama, Penthouse every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

Source: Insight and News Inside
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