Netizens Discover “Penthouse” Rising Actress Jo Soo Min Actually Debuted 14 Years Ago

She’s not such a new face after all.

The new record-breaking drama, SBS‘s Penthouse is the new rave these days, and rising actress, Jo Soo Min is the talk of the internet for her stunning beauty and spectacular acting ability.

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But it turns out that she’s not a rookie after all.

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While many noticed Jo Soo Min for the first time through Penthouse, she actually debuted 14 years ago.

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Despite still being young at just 21 years old, Jo Soo Min debuted in the 2006 KBS drama, Seoul 1945.


After that, Jo Soo Min went on to star in dramas such as 2008’s Mom’s Dead Upset and 2006’s Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo.


She was absolutely adorable at the time, but fans are surprised to see how beautiful she’s grown.


Jo Soo Min may still be young and rising in the industry, but after realizing just how long of a career she’s had already, it’s no wonder why her acting ability so so superb.

Penthouse is currently airing every Monday and Tuesday on SBS.

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