Netizens Are Divided On Choi Ye Bin’s “Over-The-Top” Acting In New Record-Topping Drama “Penthouse”

Unnatural or suitable for the role?

SBS‘s Penthouse is a new record-topping drama about the division of class, unfairness in society, and revenge that has everyone anxiously waiting for the new episode.


While the drama is hitting high viewership ratings every single episode, Choi Ye Bin, who plays the role of Ha Eun Byeol is under criticism for her “over-the-top” acting.


Ha Eun Byeol is the daughter of an esteemed classical singer who’s also very wealthy, and while she receives the support of her influential parents, she shows insecurities due to her lacking abilities compared to her less wealthy classmate, Bae Ro Na.


In recent episodes, Ha Eun Byeol showed her rage whenever she was challenged by Bae Ro Na regarding her unfair tactics of getting everything she wants.


And whenever she does, viewers noticed that her eyes grow very wide while her nostrils are flared, making for what some perceive to be unnatural acting.

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Meanwhile, others believe Choi Ye Bin is doing a good job at portraying a student who suffers from anxiety due to her parents.

  • She expresses her anxiety caused by her parents very well.
  • Since her character isn’t normal, I thought she portrayed it well.
  • I think her drama fits the role.

Penthouse’s viewership rating increased consistently since its premiere, and it just surpassed a whopping 20% following its 15th episode.


The drama airs on SBS every Monday and Tuesday.

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