“Penthouse” Actress Eugene Reveals She Wasn’t Informed Beforehand That She Would Be “Min Seol Ah’s Killer”

She had no clue!

Actress Eugene, who plays Oh Yoon Hee on hit drama Penthouse, revealed just how betrayed she felt when she filmed the last few episodes.

On a radio show appearance dated February 18, 2021, Eugene shared that she was just as taken aback as everyone else. Both the radio show MCs as well as the public had expected Oh Yoon Hee’s character to be the “normal” and “good” one, compared to the crazy drama in Hera Palace.

Later on, she was revealed to be Min Seol Ah’s killer, shocking audiences. Eugene revealed, “To be honest, my character is one that shows lots of extreme changes due to the hardships she experienced in life. However, I totally did not know that my character would be the murderer when I signed up for the drama. When I read the script later on, I was surprised that I was the culprit.

MC Shin Bong Sun asked the question that we all were wondering, “Did the writer change the script halfway through?” Eugene answered that it was not true at all, as the drama was completely pre-produced. However, she emphathized with the audience, claiming that she felt betrayal at the big reveal too.

Penthouse is due for a second season to air February 19, 2021. Stay tuned as we find out who’s the ultimate mastermind behind Hera Palace’s misdeeds!

Source: Star Today