“Penthouse” Ji Jin Hee Teases Fans About Season 3, And Talks About Her Character’s Father

She’s met the actor that plays her father before!

Penthouse is steadily gaining a fanbase, even globally, due to the thrillingly addictive plot. While some may write it off as a makjang with too many character deaths, the fast-paced episodes will leave you gasping for more.

Actress Ji Jin Hee, who plays the role of Jenny Yoo, sat down for an interview with Star Today. Season 2 went out with a bang — literally. Character Logan Lee burst into flames when his car exploded due to a planted bomb. We also were introduced to a new character, Jenny’s dad. Throughout the first two seasons, he was an absent figure, serving time in jail. It was said he took the rap for Joo Dan Te years back.

| Star Today

Named Yoo Dong Pil, he will be played by actor Park Ho San. He appears briefly in the finale.


Ji Jin Hee hopes that her character’s father will stand on the side of good of course, as she hopes he will be the one to save everyone else in the end. Season 3 has yet to start filming, so Ji Jin Hee herself does not yet know for sure what sort of character Yoo Dong Pil is. This is not the first time they are meeting though!

Although I’ve not yet acted alongside Park Ho San sunbaenim, who plays Yoo Dong Pil, I’ve seen him once on the set of a commercial. I recall that he treated me well back then, so I am quite anticipating how our father-daughter chemistry will play out. As Yoo Jenny is an only child, wouldn’t she receive much love from her father?

— Ji Jin Hee

Although Yoo Jenny does not know the truth about her father, Ji Jin Hee is optimistic that her character will be able to accept the truth calmly. She attributes it to her character’s growth and maturity through the seasons.

Penthouse Season 3 is slated for air in June 2021. Stay tuned for more updates about the juicy drama.

Source: Star Today