“Penthouse” Kim Hyun Soo Tells All About Her Kiss Scene And Onscreen Romance With Kim Young Dae

Hopefully the two will be cast in another drama soon.

Although it’s been about a month since Penthouse wrapped its third season, actress Kim Hyun Soo, who plays Bae Rona on the show, spilled the beans in an interview by Star Today, published October 12, 2021. In particular, many were curious about her onscreen romance with actor Kim Young Dae, who plays Joo Seokhoon in the show.

Many fans were ardently supporting the love line between Rona and Seokhoon. With regards to the ending, Kim Hyun Soo explained that she was nervous as it was her first onscreen romance. Even so, she managed to pull off the kiss scene in the finale without a hitch.

It was my first time acting romance, so I was very nervous. But even so, I’m grateful that so many people were cheering for it and that they liked it. On the other hand, the kiss scene with Kim Young Dae was fun and we filmed it comfortably.

— Kim Hyun Soo

Unfortunately for fans, Penthouse was not originally meant to be a romance drama. Kim Hyun Soo felt sorry that the love line didn’t get as much screen time as fans wanted.

As our drama isn’t a romance once, we weren’t able to show that many of such scenes and I felt it was a pity. Even so, because many were rooting for the Seokhoon and Rona couple, I was able to enjoy the filming. In the future, if I get to act in a romance again, I hope to be able to show a regular, sweet sort of love and one where they have a flirt then date each other.

— Kim Hyun Soo

We’re awaiting her next casting, perhaps in another love line with Kim Young Dae! Catch their sweet kiss below.

Source: Star Today