Everybody’s Comparing Rising Actor Kim Young Dae’s Visuals To Gang Dong Won — Here’s What Kim Young Dae Thinks

The resemblance is unreal.

Kim Young Dae has shot to stardom through his role in the record-breaking SBS drama, Penthouse with many comparing his visuals to that of Gang Dong Won.


On a recent radio appearance, the DJ brought up Kim Young Dae’s resemblance to Gang Dong Won.

You look like Gang Dong Won. Don’t you hear that often?

— DJ


And Kim Young Dae gave his honest response.

I’m very thankful that people express it that way.

— Kim Young Dae


But he stressed that his priorities are elsewhere.

But I try not to think about it very much.

— Kim Young Dae

That’s because Kim Young Dae makes an effort not to select a certain actor as his role model.

I don’t pick a certain actor to be my role model. When it comes to acting, it’s about researching about your own charms, so I make an effort to look at myself more.

— Kim Young Dae

Kim Young Dae concluded by sharing that he’s doing his best to show more of himself through acting.

| @youngdae0302/Instagram

His sincere answer to a compliment regarding his appearance just goes to show how serious he is about his acting.

| @youngdae0302/Instagram

Kim Young Dae is currently starring in SBS’s Penthouse and KBS‘s Cheat on Me, If You Can.

Source: Dispatch