“Penthouse” Kim Young Dae Claims His Real-Life Little Sister Keeps His Celebrity Image In Check

“She worries about me…”

Actor Kim Young Dae is quickly gaining an overwhelming fan base as a result of his spectacular acting ability in SBS‘s Penthouse and Penthouse 2, not to mention his stunning good looks.

“Penthouse 2” | SBS

In an interview with W Korea, Kim Young Dae revealed what his friends and family think of his success.

My friends don’t really watch the things I’m in, and my family are always supporting me 100%.

— Kim Young Dae

In particular, Kim Young Dae brought up his real-life little sister and how she keeps his celebrity image in check.

I have a little sister, and rather than feedback on my acting, she worries about me working in the entertainment industry. If it looks like I’m acting careless, she texts me telling me to get my act together.

— Kim Young Dae

Despite the disapproval of his parents, Kim Young Dae entered the entertainment industry to pursue his dreams.

And his goal is to always keep his self-esteem up.

When I compared myself to other people, I’d often feel insecure. But I read once that healthy self-esteem doesn’t come from the approval of others, but rather the trust you gain from your way of living.

— Kim Young Dae

As his little sister and family always remind him, Kim Young Dae expressed the importance of how he chooses to behave right now at the start of his career.

I need to be responsible and thoughtful right now more than ever. I need to think about things three times over before I act. I’m going to be thoughtful and work hard.

— Kim Young Dae

“Penthouse 2” | SBS

Penthouse 2 is currently airing on SBS on Fridays and Saturdays.

Source: Insight