“Penthouse” Park Eun Seok And Lee Ji Ah Discuss The Logan-Soo Ryeon Couple

Forbidden love? An affair?

On a video released by SBS on the official NAVER TV channel for Penthouse, actors Park Eun Seok and Lee Ji Ah gave a commentary on season one, while teasing fans about the upcoming season two.

Park Eun Seok played double characters of the kids’ teacher Gu Ho Dong and Min Seol Ah’s adoptive brother, Logan Lee. His character as Gu Ho Dong had to wear a convincing moustache and beard. Park Eun Seok revealed that the beard was stuck on using glue, and had to be removed by applying oil to the face every time. Due to repeated usage, his skin was damaged and he experienced some surfacial facial wounds. The fake buck teeth also made it hard for him to enunciate some words, requiring extra practice.

As fans ended up loving the unexpected pairing of Logan Lee and Shim Soo Ryeon, the matron of the penthouse suite, the two actors were asked to say a few words. Park Eun Seok revealed that in actual fact, they had tried very hard to not give the feeling of forbidden love or immorality. Through one less look or one less touch, the two actors controlled the pace of the script and outcome.

What professionalism! Catch the clip below while we anxiously wait for season two to air. Season two begins on February 19, at 10pm KST.