“Penthouse” Actor Park Eun Seok’s Response To A Hater Trolling On His Instagram Is Peak Classy

Park Eun Seok unleashed his inner “Goo Ho Dong” in his response.

Penthouse actor Park Eun Seok is gaining a lot of attention following his appearance in the record-breaking K-Drama, as well as the MBC variety show I Live Alone.

Park Eun Seok | @_____silverstone_____/Instagram

K-Drama fans are impressed by not only his fluent English skills, but also his background story of giving up his US green card to move to Korea and pursue his dream. He even enlisted in the South Korean military and completed his service to fully devote himself to his acting career — which, inevitably, became a decision that received a lot of love and support from the fans.

| @_____silverstone_____/Instagram

Unfortunately, not everyone felt the same about Park Eun Seok’s soaring popularity. One “hater” decided to leave a condescending comment on one of the actor’s Instagram posts promoting his appearance on I Live Alone.

“I Live Alone” | MBC

The hater claimed to be a Korean living abroad, as he dissed Park Eun Seok’s English.

As a US citizen who moved to the United States at 2 years old and now attending UCLA, I’m disgusted by you pretending to be special because you lived in the US for a bit. And keep speaking that broken English of yours. You’re not even that good.

— Hater

The hater even went as far as attacking Park Eun Seok for attending community college and for “giving up” his green card.

You only graduated from a community college. That makes you a fool. And you make it sound like you gave up your green card for a bigger reason, but who are you kidding? You gave it up because you can’t keep dual nationalities any more. You pretty much had to give it up to live in Korea.

— Hater

Rather than ignoring the hate, however, Park Eun Seok actually pinned the comment and replied to it himself.

| @_____silverstone_____/Instagram

I’m going to be on ‘I Live Alone’ next week, too!  Please look forward to seeing me beat around the bush even more!

— Park Eun Seok

Did anyone hear Goo Ho Dong’s voice resonating from that comment?

Park Eun Seok as Goo Ho Dong in “Penthouse”. | @_____silverstone_____/Instagram

Park Eun Seok is not to be messed with. Take that, troll!

Source: Insight