“Penthouse” Actor Park Eun Seok’s Cousin Clarifies The Rumors About His Previous Pet Dog

His cousin stepped up.

As Penthouse actor Park Eun Seok has recently been swept up in accusations for habitually abandoning his pets, his older cousin has stepped up to clarify the whereabouts of his old poodle, Rosie.

His cousin posted on an online community forum claiming that when she had moved to Korea in 2016, Park Eun Seok had moved into a dorm provided by his company. As he was not living by himself any longer, he could not keep Rosie with him. His cousin had volunteered to take Rosie in, and she has loved the pet since her previous visits to Korea.

She also claims that as her family will be moving back to the U.S soon, she will, of course, be taking Rosie with them. Rosie has been a great help to her family and brought them lots of joy, especially her son who was born after Rosie joined the family.

She urges the public to be understanding of the circumstances and that her cousin is also reflecting on his manner towards pets.

Actor Park Eun Seok was swept up in controversy as his ex-school mates accused him of having a frivolous attitude towards pets.

Source: theqoo