“Penthouse” Actor Park Eun Seok Swept Up In A Lawsuit – An Acquaintance Accuses Park Eun Seok Of Allegedly Making Threats Against Him

He was sued by the acquaintance.

An anonymous man, identified as Mr. A, claimed to be an acquaintance of the Penthouse actor Park Eun Seok. In an exclusive interview with Tenasia, Mr. A made allegations against the actor, which comes at a time when Park Eun Seok is already under heavy criticism over rehoming multiple pets.

Mr. A revealed that he filed a lawsuit against Park Eun Seok on December 3, 2020. The lawsuit demands ~₩5,000,000 KRW ($4,466 USD), claiming that Park Eun Seok spread false information about him, as well as threatening him.

Park Eun Seok spread false information about me in a group chat with actors, and he not only threatened myself but also my family through text messages. I am still tortured by all of this. The way he addressed the rehoming controversy that’s come to light is very similar to how he handled the situation with me.

Park Eun Seok claims he hasn’t been served with a lawsuit, but as of now, the lawsuit has definitely been filed and ordered.

— Mr. A

According to reports, the two parties’ problems first began in July 2017. Park Eun Seok allegedly sent a group message stating that there’s a casting director hanging outside the theatres at Daehaek-ro, approaching actors. Park Eun Seok then allegedly posted Mr. A’s identity and phone number in the chat.

Mr. A also claims that upon lending Park Eun Seok a script for review, he began receiving anonymous threatening messages. It was only 3 years later that Mr. A discovered the identity of that person was Park Eun Seok via police reports.

Park Eun Seok in Penthouse, SBS

Mr. A finishes the interview by claiming that he simply wants an apology and acknowledgment from Park Eun Seok. He claims that despite clear evidence, Park Eun Seok has continued to deny everything, which led him to file the lawsuit. Mr. A claims that HUNUS Entertainment suggested compensation after a discussion, but nothing has happened since. Mr. A claims that HUNUS was simply attempting to buy time as Park Eun Seok was being cast for a role in the k-drama, Penthouse.

Since the interview, HUNUS Entertainment has released a statement confirming the lawsuit.

We have confirmed the lawsuit. We will be working with a legal team to deal with it.

— HUNUS Entertainment

Source: Hankyung