“Penthouse” Producers Deny Shocking Plot Twist Theory Raised By Netizens

Now that would’ve been the most epic plot twist thus far.

Following the most recent episode of SBS‘s Penthouse, netizens came up with a shocking theory about Oh Yoon Hee (played by Eugene) following a keen observation.

When Oh Yoon Hee was confronted by Shim Soo Ryeon (played by Lee Ji Ah) about having killed Min Seol Ah (played by Jo Soo Min), a DNA test was provided as evidence.

But on the document, XY was spotted by keen viewers which indicates biological male gender.

Penthouse | SBS

Since the show is full of unexpected turns, netizens believed that this was yet another plot twist where Oh Yoon Hee turns out to be a man.

Netizens even uncovered supporting evidence such as the fact that Oh Yoon Hee is the only woman standing in the group photo of the cast.

However, the producers of Penthouse denied the theory and explained the cause of the mishap through Sports Donga.

Oh Yoon Hee is not a man. It was prop mistake. We plan to make the edit on VOD so that it no longer causes discomfort among viewers.

— Penthouse

Although this theory turned out to be false, viewership ratings remain above 20% with many on the edge of their seats from every revelation made.

Penthouse | SBS

Penthouse is currently airing on SBS on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Source: Insight