Band PEPPERTONES’s Lee Jang Won Is Getting Married… And His Bride-To-Be Is Catching Everyone By Surprise


Antenna Music‘s Korean band (and producing unit) PEPPERTONES member Lee Jang Won—also well known for his level of intelligence apparent on the show Problematic Men—is getting married!

PEPPERTONES’s Lee Jang Won | @antenna_official/Instagram

Via a personal update to the PEPPERTONES Blog, Lee Jang Won shared the “Good News.” With the blog update, Lee Jang Won revealed that he and musical actress Bae Da Hae are planning on tying the knot and building a family together.

Bae Da Hae | JTBC

Hello fans, I’m sorry I haven’t been more active on this blog. But here I am, because I have news that I’d like to share with everyone here first.

I found that someone special in my life and I want to plan my future with her. Yes, I’m getting married this fall. I’ll be tying the knot with vocalist and musical actress Bae Da Hae and building a family.

— Lee Jang Won

The news has since caught both PEPPERTONES and Bae Da Hae fans by great surprise—as their relationship has remained unknown prior to the announcement. Lee Jang Won explained the two “only started dating at the beginning of this year, after being introduced to each other by a mutual.”

She loves the music I make and she respects and loves me as a person. We have not been dating for long. We only met at the beginning of this year after being introduced to each other by a mutual. But we’re both serious about our relationship and believe that our love goes beyond how long we’ve been together… I know we’re going to be happy together. Please continue to support us! (Wink.)

— Lee Jang Won

Knowing both Lee Jang Won and Bae Da Hae’s love and passion for music, fans are  sending their congratulations and words of support to the soon-to-be-wed couple!

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  • “Uhm, daebak?! What the heck? Did they ever say they’re dating? No, right?? I didn’t miss anything???”
  • “Oh WOW! I would have never thought they’re together. Congratulations!”
  • Heol, you mean that Lee Jang Won and that Bae Da Hae?! This is awesome. Congratulations!”
  • Heol.
  • “Whoa, this is great news. Congratulations!”
  • “Haha, this is SO out of the blue… but they look so good together. LOL. Congratulations!”
Source: DongA and THEQOO