The Most Perfect Casting? Netizens Left Speechless By “The Glory” Actors

Side-by-side comparisons are leaving netizens speechless.

Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun starrer The Glory is racking up rave reviews on Netflix. It debuted at No.5 on the Netflix global chart, and fans are eagerly waiting for the second part of the series to drop soon. But apart from the grappling storyline and amazing performances by the actors, another reason the series is grabbing attention is its mindblowing casting.

In The Glory, the main characters go through a time-lapse, growing up from high-school students to people in their 30s. While the trope itself is not rare, the congruency between the actors who play the teenage versions of the characters versus the adult ones is very uncanny in the series.

Netizens very quickly noticed how perfectly the actors have been cast to resemble each other from the very first look. The side-by-side comparison of the actors has left viewers in awe.

Moon Dong Eun

(left) Song Hye Kyo and (right) Jong Ji So | Netflix

Park Yeon Jin

(left) Lim Ji Yeon and (right) Shin Ye Eun | Netflix

Son Myeong Oh

(left) Kim Gun Woo and (right) Seo Woo Hyeok | Netflix

Lee Sa Ra

(left) Kim Hieora and (right) Bae Kang Hee | Netflix

Jeon Jae Joon

(left) Park Sung Hoon and (right) Sung Byeong Geun | Netflix

Choi Hye Jeong

(left) Cha Joo Young and (right) Song Ji Woo | Netflix

Not just their visual resemblance. But the expressions and way of speaking are also very consistent among the older and younger versions of the characters.

  • “When Jung Ji So turned around and became Song Hye Gyo, I got goosebumps!!”
  • “I haven’t seen such perfect casting since the movie ‘Sunny.'”
  • “The casting is crazy. The actors’ diction and expressions, everything is just crazy good.”
  • “Wow, when I see it like this, they’re totally alike…?! Lol.”

Some also added that the casting of the teacher-son duo in the series is also noteworthy since the actor playing the role of the son resembles his on-screen father a lot.

Park Yoon Hee as teacher Kim Jong Moon | Netflix
Kang Gil Woo as Kim So Han, the son of Kim Jong Moon | Netflix

Overall, the final verdict of viewers is that the casting director deserves an award for not only picking such good actors who are also convincingly similar to younger and older versions of each other.

The Glory

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