Netizen Exposes Pervert Golf Instructor For Sexually Assaulting Her During Her Lessons

The police hasn’t done anything, and the instructor has yet to give her an apology.

A netizen recently posted about her horrifying experience with sexual assault during a golf lesson in an online community, and the story has now gone viral.

Online Community

In the post, the netizen introduced herself before explaining what got her to take lessons at a golf range.

I’m a woman in my late 20s. I wanted to learn golf, so I signed up for lessons at Yongsan G Health Club.

— Netizen

But the netizen shared that just a few days later, the instructor attempted to make physical contact.

At first, I just thought that’s how it is when you take golf lessons. But as time went on, the touching got worse.

— Netizen

And the assault got shockingly more severe.

In the end, he groped my upper groin and even my genitals as shown in the CCTV footage.

— Netizen

But that’s not all.

The instructor even groped my armpits and breasts while pretending to help me change my posture.

— Netizen

Despite reporting the incident to the police, the netizen shared that no progress has been made and that the instructor has yet to give her an apology.

Online Community

Regarding the report, Yongsan Police stated,

We processed the report last May, and we followed the procedures to conduct an investigation with the accuser and the accused. We plan to forward the case to prosecution in the near future.

— Yongsan Police

Source: Dispatch