Pet Journalist And Pet Food Company CEO Under Fire For Feeding BTS V’s Puppy, Yeontan, Without Permission And Filming Him For Alleged Promotional Purposes

Netizens claim they did not receive permission from V.

A news article regarding BTS V‘s pet dog, Yeontan, was written in May 2020. However, it flew under the radar until recently, where the accompanying video gained attention on YouTube.

In both the video and article, a female hand can be seen feeding Yeontan with a squeezable puppy snack. The journalist who wrote the article and crafted the video, as well as the pet food company CEO who allegedly fed Yeontan, has been under fire by netizens and fans.

The article on Happy Pet by News1 detailed how Yeontan visited the vet with V in May 2020. Coincidentally, the CEO of Goldrony, a pet food brand, had seen Yeontan and decided to feed him. Later on, an article and video of Yeontan eating the snack popped up on the internet. Netizens have since accused the journalist and CEO of using Yeontan to promote their own brand. Not only does the video title sound promotional as it reads “Yeontan-ah~ is this tasty? What is the snack that has caught the eye of BTS V’s puppy,” but the article itself also goes into detail about the snack and brand.

Netizens and fans are upset that they did not ask V for permission to film a video, neither did they ask for permission to feed Yeontan. As feeding any pet without permission is a sensitive topic due to potential health complications, netizens are upset on V’s behalf.

| theqoo
  • “I’m sick of people using BTS for clout but now you have to use Tannie too? Sigh”
  • “Reading the article itself, it seems that the contents were provided by the food company. The pet hospital must also be panicking. I’m not sure if they allowed people to feed the dog or not but this is considered their customer’s private information so given that it was leaked to a journalist by the pet food CEO, the hospital’s going to lose a VIP customer.”
  • “Dumbfounded”
  • “Crazy, why are they pathetic like this”

The journalist left a now-deleted comment on the video explaining to fans that they were not paid by the pet food company to write the article and asked for fans to stop contacting them. V has not spoken up on the issue.

Source: theqoo and Happy Pet