Here’s Why Thousands Of Koreans Are Demanding BTS’s Disbandment

The petition for “Bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) Forced Demolition” has reached over 3.5k signatures.

From thousands of citizens demanding Lee Hongki’s execution to Koreans calling for an end to the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Korea’s Blue House petition form has been the source of lots of controversy—their latest target? BTS.


More than 3,000 Koreans have already signed a new petition demanding the official disbandment of BTS.


The petition did not fully cite the reasons BTS should disband, but it did claim that the group was “haughty” and “does not merit a military exemption.”


The issue of exemption from military service for high achieving celebrities continues to be a hot one since a Korean lawmaker suggested in July 2018 that such exemptions should be included, possible making BTS their first test case.


Considering BTS recently earned the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit for their influence in the Korean wave (an received by only a few dozen people in the last 50 years), they certainly would be a good test case. 


The President’s Office is required to release a statement once the petition receives more than 200,000 signatures, but support for the petition is unlikely to reach that number.


BTS’s fans, on the other hand, have issued their own petitions against the group’s disbandment. 


Source: KoreaHerald