Petition For “Snowdrop” To Stop Production Gains Over 96K+ Signatures Overnight

They are pushing to cancel the drama.

A formal petition has been created regarding the controversy surrounding the upcoming JTBC K-Drama, titled Snowdrop.

| The Blue House

The petition requests for the production/airing of the drama to be stopped due to its distortion of history, similar to the reasons why Joseon Exorcist had ultimately been canceled after just 2 episodes and 80% of production being completed filming.

The petition points out the inaccurate portrayals of the democratization of South Korea and the involvement of North Korean spies.

| The Blue House

After the level of selfishness seen through the drama ‘Joseon Exorcist’, it looks like another one is about to come out.

Despite proving many times that there was no North Korean involvement in the democratization movement, this drama has made a spy the main character. Aside from that, other figures under the name of the government, tortured and killed while trying to beautify the Ministry of National Safety and Planning (currently NIS).

It seems like they are ignoring it by saying that it is just the setting for the drama, but the setting itself is insulting the current victims and outright showing political pressure in the drama.

Freedom does not mean that you live your own way. There’s no fool that would accept having people allowed to kill people in their own way. We have to stop all filming for this drama and erase all filming thus far as it insults the foundation of our country. We ask for all your support.



Snowdrop, which had an estimated release date for the second half of 2021, was criticized after parts of the plot was leaked online. After receiving a lot of heat, JTBC released an official statement through Twitter, addressing the concerns. They reiterated that the “allegations around ‘Snowdrop’ are not aligned with the production’s plans.”

Historical K-Dramas distorting history has recently become a highly controversial and heated subject among Korean society after the Chinese have claimed staples in Korean culture (such as kimchi and hanbok) as Chinese-origin. SBS K-Drama Joseon Exorcist is the most recent production to face backlash, ultimately cancelling the drama altogether.

Source: The Blue House