Pewdiepie Just Unfollowed Everyone On Twitter Except For BTS

His bio also now says “#1 BTS Stan Account”

Felix Arvid Ulf “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg is the biggest YouTuber on the planet, boasting over 90 million subscribers. The Swede is currently embroiled in a “subscriber war” with the channel of Indian entertainment company, T-Series.

Today, Pewdiepie briefly fell behind T-Series in subscribers and so he decided to take “drastic measures”. He’s embraced his inner ARMY by unfollowing everyone on Twitter except BTS’s official account.

He also changed his Twitter bio to “#1 BTS Stan Account”. With a follower number that rivals even BTS themselves, Pewdiepie shining a light on BTS is a bizarre endorsement but one every ARMY is laughing about. He also tweeted out three pictures of Jimin’s dimples which has every ARMY swooning.

Pewdiepie has been a fan of BTS even since before this humorous stunt and he has tweeted about them in the past. Everyone is wondering what his next move is in his battle against T-Series and how long he plans to keep his Twitter account as a BTS fan account.