Fans Speculate That pH-1 Will Be The Next Artist To Leave H1GHR MUSIC After Sik-K And GOT7’s Jay B

pH-1 is the only one left of the H1GHR MUSIC OGs.

Fans are speculating that solo artist pH-1 will be the next artist to leave H1GHR MUSIC.

pH-1 | ILLUMIN via Allure

H1GHR MUSIC revealed yesterday that both GOT7‘s Jay B and Sik-K‘s contracts had expired, and they would be leaving to join other companies.

Shortly after, CDNZA Records released a post online welcoming Jay B as the newest member of their label.

Around the same time, though, pH-1 either deleted or archived all his Instagram posts. So, currently, nothing is available. He doesn’t even have a profile picture.

| @ph1boyyy/Instagram

Now fans are wondering what this could mean for pH-1. Some are speculating that he may be leaving H1GHR MUSIC too.


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This wouldn’t be the first time that fans speculated that pH-1 was leaving H1GHR MUSIC. In May, he posted two back-to-back cryptic Instagram Stories. One mentioned being taken for granted and saying goodbye, while another implied there was a delay with his album release.

| @ph1boyyy/Instagram
| @ph1boyyy/Instagram

At the time, he reassured fans while also requesting that no speculations be made. So, things seemed okay…

Jay Park and he even made jokes about it.

Speaking of Jay Park, though, it seems like since he stepped down from his position as CEO of H1GHR MUSIC that it may just not be the same anymore. Hence, why artists may be leaving.

| Reddit

Two of the three OGs of H1GHR MUSIC, Jay Park and Sik-K, are gone. The third is pH-1…

From left: pH-1, Jay Park, and Sik-K. | @ph1boyyy/Instagram

In contrast, another possibility regarding pH-1’s mysterious blank Instagram could be somehow a promotion relating to H1GHR MUSIC’s upcoming release, “BRB.”

Even some think that the entire situation with Sik-K and Jay B is part of promotions for “BRB.” Before Jay B’s announcement, he had shared the teaser for it.


What do you think?

Source: Reddit and @ph1boyyy

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