Philippines’ Chrisha Choo Is Given A Second Chance On KPOPSTAR6

Fan favorite sweetheart Chrisha Choo was eliminated from KPOP STAR 6, but she’s being invited back for a second chance.

In the previous episode, Chrisha Choo (known to many fans as KrieSha Tiu) and teammate Lee Soo Min lost in a fierce battle with rival team Kim Hye-rin and Min Ga Rin. In addition to losing the team battle, Chrisha was eliminated due to her crucial mistake with her lyrics, while partner Soo Min made it through to the next round.

The two teammates had both developed a camaraderie after being on the show together and parted in a heartbreaking manner. Fans of the singing program and even the judges expressed their disappointment in her elimination from the show.

But while everyone was heartbroken by her elimination, the judges unanimously used a wild card to bring back Chrisha Choo on the latest episode of the show. As she went to join the others who passed, she smiled and greeted everyone while simultaneously searching for her partner Soo Min. The both of them embraced each other in a rejoicing hug as they were visibly relieved to be competing together once again. With one more shot to prove herself, Chrisha Choo is definitely the contestant to watch on KPOP STAR 6.


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