Photo Of NMIXX Haewon’s Reaction To A Crying Sullyoon And Bae Goes Viral

Haewon and Sullyoon had entirely different reactions to their first win.

A hilarious picture of NMIXX member Haewon reacting to Sullyoon and Bae crying is going viral.

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On March 29, NMIXX won its first music show when they won first place on MBC’s Show Champion with “Love Me Like This.” As soon as the group was announced winners, all of NMIXX’s members became emotional.


Amid the celebration, NMIXX’s leader, Haewon, thanked the fans while members Sullyoon and Jiwoo hugged each other and began crying.

Because this is the first time we placed in the first place, I don’t know what to say… Thank you, NSWER, for supporting us, and we hope to be with you for a long time.

— Haewon

After the festivities, however, a photo of Haewon laughing while Sullyoon and Bae are seen crying went viral. In the picture, Haewon can be seen laughing backward while pointing at the two crying members, while member Kyujin can also be seen smiling.

Netizens laughed along at the picture, with many also praising the group for their live encore performance, which has since gone viral.

  • “JYP’s maknae line.”
  • “Hey, are you crying? Are you? (In Haewon’s voice).”

  • “But when I watched their encore performance, I literally thought they were just playing the song in the beginning (because they were so good).”
  • “This is how you do an encore performance. Sullyoon, even while crying, hit all of her notes before bursting out crying, LOL. They are so good.”
  • “Haewon is funny AF.”
  • “Oh Haewon, you psycho, LOL.”
  • “I’m a ONCE, but congratulations on your first win!!! I hope you guys win many more! I hope all of the JYP groups do really well~~.”

Meanwhile, NMIXX went viral for their encore stage after their win. Read more about it in the link below!

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