Korean Netizens React To NMIXX’s Live Singing In Encore Stage For “Love Me Like this”

“I wish they’d win first place every time they come out so I can listen to their encore stage.”

JYP Entertainment girl group NMIXX recently released their first mini album with the track “Love Me Like This” serving as the title track. The song got positive reviews from netizens and is loved by many in Korea and internationally.

The success “Love Me Like This” has garnered is why NMIXX were awarded their first-ever music show win during today’s broadcast of MBC‘s Show Champion. The girls were nominated alongside BTS Jimin’s “Like Crazy” and WSG Wannabe Gaya G’s “To You”. “Love Me Like This” was able to win by having the biggest cumulative sum of 9176 points among all nominees.

The song was released on March 20 and the JYP girl group has been working hard at promoting on music shows ever since, making this their second week of promotions.

Though the win itself is impressive enough, the girl group debuted just over a year ago, Korean netizens also noted NMIXX’s live singing during their encore stage following the trophy retrieval was nothing short of amazing.

NMIXX celebrating their win. | OSEN

The members were full of emotion after thanking their fans, company, staff members, and everyone else that worked hard to make “Love Me Like This” and NMIXX’s second comeback as good as it is. Despite being in tears and a little choked up, the members were all able to give an amazing encore performance that entertained fans present in the crowd, but also those watching from all over the world.

The track itself isn’t easy to sing, not only is it upbeat and very high on energy, but there are also multiple high notes spread out across the song. That didn’t stop the girls from impressing everyone with their fantastic live singing skills. For instance, Lily totally slayed her high note when singing the track’s bridge!

Netizens had nothing other than the best words to say about their singing, which attracted a lot of attention in online communities. A post on TheQoo joined their Hot Topics list with over 23,000 views and 300 comments. Some were surprised that this was their first-ever win, while others noted how good they are despite holding in tears and wished them the best.

One netizen even said they wanted NMIXX to win every day so they can keep watching more of their encore stages!

  • “A singer needs to be able to do their job well.”
  • “They are really good.”
  • “Is this their first win? Congrats! I’ve been listening to their songs, but I’m surprised!”
  • “I wish they’d win first place every time they come out so I can listen to their encore stage.”
  • “Truly so good wow, they are all so good.”
  • “Congrats on first place!”
  • “They are so good live even though they sang while holding in tears.”
  • “I wish them the best they are so good at singing.”
  • “They are so good congrats on first place.”
  • “They are really good (of course).”
| TheQoo
Source: TheQoo