Photos Of 4Minute’s Subunit 2YOON On A MV Set Spread Online, Fueling Rumors Of A Comeback

Please let this be true!

Get ready all you second generation K-Pop fans because 4Minute‘s subunit 2YOON may be gearing up for a comeback. In a now deleted Instagram post, photos of 2YOON’s Gayoon and Jiyoon on some type of outdoor set have been making its rounds online.

2YOON’s Jiyoon (left), Gayoon (right) | Cube Entertainment

It’s been reported that a woman by the name of Jeong Min Ji, who is presumably a staff member, uploaded these photos and then immediately deleted the Instagram post — but not before fans saved the pictures. Fans shared the photos online, which began to spread like wildfire due to the exciting content.

The staff member shared some gorgeous photos of Jiyoon, who was sporting green hair while wearing an ethereal gown.

Photo of staff member and Jiyoon on Twitter account | @forjeonjiyoon/Twitter

She also shared a picture of the music video set, which shows the other staff members and camera crew doing their thing in the middle of a field.

| @forjeonjiyoon/Twitter

In a translation provided by a Twitter fan, Jeong Min Ji shared these photos with an Instagram caption that seemed to confirm 2YOON’s comeback plans. She shared that they concluded “filming a cello scene” and that “[2YOON’s] new album is so good.”

Instagram caption by 2YOON staff member, translation provided by Twitter | Twitter

2YOON’s last promotional activities were back in 2013, when they released their EP titled Harvest Moon. If the members are truly making a comeback, it would mean that their return would be the subunit’s first in almost a decade.

This news is especially exciting due to the fact that 4Minute officially disbanded back in 2016 after their contracts had expired with Cube Entertainment. As 2YOON is a subunit of 4Minute, fans were left to believe that naturally, the duo would no longer be active within the industry as well. In a pleasant turn of events, however, it seems that Jiyoon and Gayoon are preparing to make a grand comeback.

| Cube Entertainment

While nothing has been confirmed by either member, it seems that the photos have said all that needs to be said. We don’t know when it’ll be, but we can’t wait to see the return of 2YOON!

In the meantime, you can checkout 2YOON’s track titled “24/7” down below.