All The Photos of BTS Walking The Magenta (Red) Carpet For Billboard Music Awards

BTS is finally at the Billboard Music Awards and they just finished walking the Magenta Carpet (aka Red Carpet)!

The members looked stunning as ever in their designer clothes, standing out amongst the sea of other celebrities.

Miley Cyrus, Lorde, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and others also walked alongside them, placing BTS amongst a seriously talented group of artists.

Here’s a breakdown of all the members and the best photos capturing BTS at the Magenta Carpet!

Jin (Photo 1 of 3)

Jin (Photo 2 of 3)

Jin (Photo 3 of 3)


Suga (Photo 1 of 3)

Suga (Photo 2 of 3)

Suga (Photo 3 of 3)

Suga (Photo 4 of 4)

J-Hope (Photo 1 of 3)

J-Hope (Photo 2 of 3)

J-Hope (Photo 3 of 3)

Rap Monster (Photo 1 of 3)

Rap Monster (Photo 2 of 3)

Rap Monster (Photo 3 of 3)


Rap Monster (Photo 4 of 4)


Jimin (Photo 1 of 3)

Jimin (Photo 2 of 3)

Jimin (Photo 3 of 3)

(Photo 1 of 4)

(Photo 2 of 4)

(Photo 3 of 4)

V (Photo 4 of 4)

Jungkook (Photo 1 of 4)

Jungkook (Photo 2 of 4)

Jungkook (Photo 3 of 4)

Jungkook (Photo 4 of 4)

These may be the best photos from the Magenta Carpet, but there’s still more to come with the event just about to begin!

BTS is nominated for the Top Social Media Artist award and are the first K-Pop group to be nominated for a Billboard Music Award!

They’re also rumored to be a surprise performer for the event, which would become a historic moment for the K-Pop group.

The awards ceremony and performances are set to begin shortly, and Koreaboo will have all the updates, including whether or not BTS wins the award.

BTS has to beat out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes to win the award..

But they’ve already broken the World Record for Most Fan Votes at the BBMA’s with over 300 million votes!