(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, aespa’s Winter, And IVE’s Liz’s “Nobody” Collaboration Called Out For Poor Editing

Photoshop fail?

While it’s common for K-Pop idols’ photos to be edited, some professionals go too far.

4th Gen leading ladies (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon, aespa‘s Winter, and IVE‘s Liz teamed up for the collaboration song, “Nobody.”

While fans were excited about these three power vocalists on a track together, some were disappointed that it appeared the idols never actually worked together in person.

Based on the music videos’ editing, they weren’t together. For instance, we see each woman on the same set but never together until the very last shot, which is non-moving.

This still from the MV is also being used as a promotional image. Yet, eagle-eyed netizens noticed poor editing of the shot, further proving the idols were never together.

From left: Soyeon, Winter, and Liz | M:USB/YouTube

They thought each idol’s face looked unusual, particularly Soyeon’s eyes. It also looked as if Liz and Soyeon were just automatically selected from their respective original photos and placed onto the image of Winter.

Is it a Photoshop fail…or PicsArt?