“Physical: 100” Contestant Reportedly Investigated By Prosecutors For Allegedly Having Threatened His Ex-Girlfriend

This isn’t the first time a contestant on the show has been in the middle of controversy.

A Physical: 100 contestant was investigated by prosecutors for having threatened his ex-girlfriend in the past.

| Yonhap News

The contestant was reportedly called in by prosecutors on February 20. The contestant and his ex-girlfriend are said to have dated from September 2021 to May 2022.

According to reports, when the contestant’s ex-girlfriend tried to break up with him, the contestant hit himself in the face and slammed his head into tables and walls. The contestant’s ex-girlfriend alleged she suffered trauma from the constant threats by the contestant.

This isn’t the first time a contestant on Netflix‘s popular reality program has found themselves in the middle of controversy.

Earlier, contestant Kim Da Young was hit with a string of bullying allegations.

“Physical: 100” Contestant Kim Da Young Is Hit With A String Of Bullying Allegations

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