“Physical: 100” Contestant Shim Eu Ddeum Hints At The Fate Of “The Underdogs” In The Brutal Boat Challenge

Fans have been rooting for Jang Eun Sil’s team since the beginning.

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Netflix‘s fitness survival show Physical: 100 has captured the attention of viewers worldwide.

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Fans can’t help but root for their favorites to overcome each challenge, just like in any other survival show. One fan-favorite, Jang Eun Sil, first had fans worried about her possible elimination in the second challenge as Netflix labeled her team “the underdogs.”

Jang Eun Sil | The Swoon/YouTube 

But Eun Sil and her team proved their incredible teamwork, strategy, and physical prowess as they defeated the opposing team, making it to the third challenge.

Three contestants in “the underdogs” team during the sandbag challenge | The Swoon/YouTube 

However, even though fans had already been worried about Eun Sil’s team during the sandbag challenge, the third challenge is even more brutal. For the third challenge, the already established teams had to ally with another team, making three teams of ten contestants. The alliances then had to work together to move a 1.5-ton ship, and the alliance with the slowest completion time would be eliminated. Eun Sil’s fan-favorite team allied with another “underdog” team comprised of contestants who lost the second challenge but regained their opportunity to compete in a “revival” challenge.

The boat challenge | Netflix

The five contestants proved their incredible mental fortitude and strength as they competed against the twenty other eliminated contestants to hold onto their torso with an additional 40% of their body weight. Contestant Shim Eu Ddeum especially impressed fans with her unwavering strength.

Shim Eu Ddeum in the “revival” challenge | The Swoon/YouTube 

But while these five contestants (who automatically formed a team as they rejoined the others) proved their incredible strength, the other teams were hesitant to team up with them since contestant Seong Chi Hyun had sustained an injury in the first challenge. The other teams were worried this would hold them back.

Although all thirty remaining contestants had undoubtedly proved their worth by making it through the previous challenges, fans noticed that Eun Sil’s alliance didn’t have the equivalent physical strength of the other two alliances. Thus fans were worried about their ability to move a 1.5-ton ship, especially since, in the aired episodes, the two other alliances struggled with the task. But, of course, the latest episode ended before fans could see Eun Sil’s alliance tackle the challenge, not giving viewers any clue about how the fan-favorite team might have faired.

But in a video series on Netflix Korea’s YouTube channel where Eu Deum, Ma Sun Ho, and a rotating guest contestant talk about the aired episodes, Eu Ddeum gave viewers some clues about how her team executed the brutal challenge.

Eu Ddeum first admitted that “it seems ridiculous” when comparing her team’s strength with the others.

Shim Eu Dduem, Jjang Jae, and Ma Sun Ho | Netflix Korea/YouTube 

When watching the first alliance take on the challenge, Eu Ddeum compared her team, explaining that they needed two people to move the heavy logs, while Jo Jin Hyeong managed to carry them by himself.

| Netflix Korea/YouTube 

And agreed with Sun Ho and previously eliminated contestant Jjang Jae that the challenge was brutal.

| Netflix Korea/YouTube 

Eu Ddeum also confirmed that her team could move the ship by explaining from her experience that while the first part was brutal, you had to rest while moving the boat on the logs since the final stage of pulling the ship up a ramp was the worst part.

| Netflix Korea/YouTube 

Eu Ddeum directly confirmed that the team made it to the last 30cm since, according to her, it “was the worst part.” Which Sun Ho instantly agreed with.

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The fitness YouTuber even seemingly confirmed that her team successfully completed the challenge since she admits they “thought” about giving up.

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Although she later joked about wondering if “the ship [will] even move,” encouraging fans to watch the episode.

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Fortunately, according to Eu Ddeum’s commentary on just how difficult the ship was to move, viewers can seemingly assume that the alliance was able to complete the challenge. Although, of course, their finished time compared to the other two teams will only be revealed when the next episodes air on February 14.

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